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Newcastle upon Tyne: Eyelash Extension Salons

You should only have eyelash extensions applied by a qualified aesthetician. In Newcastle upon Tyne, look for a professional with proven experience. All your questions about eyelash extensions can be answered by Newcastle Beauty Clinic Ltd. Transform your lashes with eyelash extensions. Speak to a Newcastle Beauty Clinic Ltd representative when you call 0191 484 6104.

Getting Eyelash Extensions in Newcastle upon Tyne

Eyelash extensions will give you long, luscious eyelashes without using mascara. Eyelash extensions look more natural and are more comfortable to wear than other eyelash enhancers. Having these lashes applied can take up to three hours. The application of eyelash extensions should be done one lash at a time. In Newcastle upon Tyne, a professional can apply your eyelash extensions properly.

Some Questions About Having Eyelash Extensions in Newcastle upon Tyne

The thought of putting in eyelash extensions may bring up several questions. Can you wear glasses or contact lenses with eyelash extensions? Yes you can. What length and colours do you have to choose from? Find out your options from your aesthetician. An aesthetician in Newcastle upon Tyne can address any other issues you may have about the process.

Applying Eyelash Extensions in Newcastle upon Tyne

Eyelash extensions are applied in one visit to an aesthetician in Newcastle upon Tyne. First, you are laid down while the aesthetician tapes your lower eyelids. After that, they apply the extensions one at a time. Since the extensions are glued to your lashes, there is not likely to be an allergic reaction to the glue. Though the process is painless, you may feel the aesthetician looking for the right lashes to glue the extensions to.

Caring for Your Eyelash Extensions in the Newcastle upon Tyne Area

In order to keep your lashes in as long as possible, your aesthetician may give you some rules to follow. For instance, you should not wet your eyes for at least two hours after application. Waterproof mascara should not be applied, and nor should you curl them. Rubbing your eyes should be avoided as it can cause the extensions to fall out. Because you naturally shed your lashes, you will need to return to your Newcastle upon Tyne aesthetician for a touch-up from time to time.

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